Rainman dissalatore portatile
Rainman dissalatore portatile
Rainman desalinizzatore portatile


Fresh water where and whenever you want!

The practical, portable desalination unit is available with a petrol engine or electric options and can produce up to 140 liters of fresh water per hour, at much lower costs confronted with the traditional desalination systems.

Simple, practical and above all PORTABLE, RAINMAN is the perfect solution for those who do not want to renounce to have unlimited fresh water and at the same time do not want to carry out invasive works on their boats.


The principal advantage of having a watermaker on board is to have fresh water in every moment.

RAINMAN gives you also many other benefits first of all it does not require any installation on your boat.

The fact that the system can be transferred very easily, the minor maintenance costs and the high output makes Rainman more advisable than any traditional desalination systems.


Rainman has two units: the pressure supply unit and the reverse osmosis case.

The first is available with a petrol engine, or electric options; through an intake hose it sucks seawater and sends it through a high pressure hose to the second unit.

The reverse osmosis case transforms the seawater in fresh water with different outputs depending on the unit type and through another hose the product water gets into the vessel water tank.


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The desalination unit RAINMAN is available with petrol engine or electric options; although it was originally designed as a portable system, many of our customers choose to partially or fully install the system in their boat.