MC&R – Marina Custom & Refit

Marina Custom & Refit is the MCG’s brand dedicated to the customization and the refitting of boats. The market is lacking the offer of recent, used boats in good conditions and that created the need among owners to renew the boats, which are available on the market. We seized the opportunity to develop the necessary ability to bring back to new every boat; but when we realized, that we had become good in that, we noticed that the fun thing is not to bring them back to new, but to modify and customize them, in order to make them unique. The strong collaboration with other companies in niche sectors and the interaction with some of the best designers, allowed us to create and restore marvelous objects.


The refitting of a boat means giving it a new life and fulfill what you desire. Refitting became reality as a result of the lack on the market of recent boats in good conditions, now it is a choice, made not only for the saving of money, but mostly for the owner’s desire to transform their boats exactly as they need it and like it. Refitting is the choice of the most demanding owners, that do not want just a boat, but they want their dream-boat.

Years of operating in the boating field permitted us to develop our proficiency and to dedicate our greatest passion: make come true our customer’s wishes! Thanks to the young and dynamic team and the synergy of expert companies of the sector, we can transform every boat in something unique. We follow all the work for the owner, keeping up a direct communication. We love to establish professional relationships, but we also want to be familiar with the owner, making him directly part of the operations going on.

Experience for sure, but also professionality, reliability and familiarity: that is why you should choose to REFIT WITH US!


Expert electrics and electronics, mechanics and riggers complete our team, which collaborates with the best experts of the sector and the best Italian architectural firms. For this experienced and qualified collaboration, we are able to create unique and marvelous objects.

Our know-how is constantly evolving: each work teaches us something new, and makes us always more expert, competent and helps us to improve more and more. Our continuous update of new technologies and new tendencies permits us to make boats, even not so young boats, modern and on the cutting edge.