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Marina’s Service

 for years specialized in service, assistance, selling and renting boats and berths in Tuscany.

New boats

We have become dealer of some of the most famous trademarks of sailing and motor boats:

Used boat

Our service stands out both for professionalism during negotiation and customer’s consultation, for buyers or sellers, and the capability of our enterprise to take advantage our connections with other important reality of our branch, in order to accelerate and to perform each transaction. We carefully select used sailing and motor boats to offer always quality products!


We rent berths in the best harbors of the Tuscan archipelago. From Cala De’ Medici, Cecina, San Vincenzo and Salivoli, you can reach, heading down a  few miles, the fabulous Tuscan Islands, such as Isola d’Elba, Capraia and Isola del Giglio. Even Corse and Sardinia are easy to reach.

Yacht Refit

The market is lacking the offer of recent, used boats in good conditions and that created the need among owners to renew the boats, which are available on the market. We seized the opportunity to develop the necessary ability to bring back to new every boat; but when we realized, that we had become good in that, we noticed that the fun thing is not to bring them back to new, but to modify and customize them, in order to make them unique.

Yacht Service

A complete service. We take care about all the owner’s needs: from the basic services as the guarding, to very technical reparations. We make use of almost only internal staff, which is highly experienced despite the team is deliberately quite young. The dynamism and the ability of the group to predict and satisfy every need of their customers during all the seasons of the year, makes this service an indispensable must for every owner.

Shop & Distribution

The curiosity and the passion for innovation makes us search all the time for new products to present to our customers, products we retain valid and guarantee quality and satisfaction to the buyers.